The Three English Experts are Birgit Kasimirski, Rebecca Deacon and Dave Preston

We are all experienced English trainers and have a passion for language learning. We started this podcast to share our expertise and inspire people on their language learning journey. We cover various issues from grammar and vocabulary to motivation and mindset. And the great thing is, we all bring something different to the table:

Rebecca Deacon has been an English Trainer, Translator and Coach in Germany for over 20 years. She originally comes from Sheffield in the UK and loves everything connected to languages. She speaks German, Spanish, Japanese plus a bit of Polish and Swahili. Her expertise is focussed on the area of coaching and mindset. She is currently training to be a Positive Psychology Practitioner, investigating the links between psychology and linguistics. To find our more about Rebecca and how you can work with her go to

Birgit Kasimirski is an experienced English Trainer, Translator and Journalist who discovered her love of the English language during a two year stay in Malvern in the UK.  After she returned to her native Germany, she realised how valuable her language skills were and how her knowledge could help others. She has always been interested in language learning (in addition to English she also speaks Spanish and Dutch) but has always been a fan of grammar. After realising there was a gap in the market for good English grammar books aimed at German speakers, she subsequently published three books on this topic. Her latest book Lean on English Grammar Big 5  focusses on the main 5 tenses that are used in 90% of everyday spoken English. Her insight as a German native, who has spent most of her life learning English is invaluable. To learn more about Birgit, her books and how you can work with her, go to 
Dave Preston has been an English Trainer in Germany for over 20 years and is also originally from Sheffield. He now lives in Spain but often travels around Europe, providing seminars to international companies focussing on Business English Presentation and Negotiating skills. His other area of expertise lies in technology and how it can be used to improve language learning methods. He brings a wide range of tips and recommendations to the podcast regarding apps, videos, websites and even how to use AI. To learn more about Dave and how you can work with him, go to