Episode 9 - How to do a language learning challenge
Feedback on our 6-week language learning challenges

2024-02-25 19 min

In this episode: We discuss our individual six-week challenges, which we all set at the beginning of January, what we did, how we did it and the positives and negatives as feedback to the challenge.Dave focused on practising listening skills to improve understanding and learn new vocabulary, and he spoke about watching videos on YouTube and also using the app: www.lingopie.comBirgit booked lessons with a language teacher over the www.preply.com platform and discussed how she worked with her teacher – the perfect teacher’s pet, I’m sure you’ll agree.Rebecca practised with www.duolingo.com – a language app, for 15 minutes a day to improve her reading and listening skills.On the whole, we were all very positive about doing six-week challenges, discussed accountability, motivation and doing future challenges. And as Dave points out, “challenges can be done at any time of the year” and not just starting at New Year. Can you guess which languages we studied?Press play, to find out. Did we inspire you to set yourself a challenge? If so, tell us all about it in the comments section and good luck! In dieser Folge:Wir besprechen unsere individuellen sechswöchigen Herausforderungen, die wir uns alle Anfang Januar gestellt haben, was wir gemacht haben, wie wir es gemacht haben und die positiven und negativen Ergebnisse als Feedback zur Herausforderung. Dave konzentrierte sich auf das Üben des Hörverstehens, um das Verständnis zu verbessern und neue Vokabeln zu lernen, und er sprach über das Ansehen von Videos auf YouTube und die Nutzung der App: www.lingopie.comBirgit hat über di...
Episode 8 - Carnival in Germany
How to talk about carnival in English

2024-02-11 24 min

In this episode we talk about: Birgit’s experience as a Carnival reveller, aka “Jeck” in the Rhineland/Cologne dialect.what happens on the particular days over Carnival – (Weiberfastnacht) Women’s Carnival Day*, Rose/Shrove Monday & Tuesday, Ash Wednesday. *other translations according to the online dictionary https://www.dict.cc/ are “Fat Thursday” and “Thursday before Shrove Tuesday”.Rebecca shares a bit about the history of Carnival.Which carnival cheer to shout in the various places e.g. in Cologne they shout “Alaaf”?Dave's advice on Carnival in Cologne.Top 20 cool must-know Carnival words (see the list below)How to create stories to practice new vocabulary in ChatGPT. (See the text below: “Alex in Cologne over Carnival”) In dieser Episode sprechen wir über: Birgits Erfahrungen als Karnevalistin, auch bekannt als "Jeck" im rheinisch-kölnischen Dialekt.was an den einzelnen Tagen über Karneval passiert - (Weiberfastnacht) Weiberfastnacht*, Rosenmontag & -dienstag, AschermittwochRebecca erzählt ein bisschen was über die Geschichte des Karnevals.Welcher Karnevalsruf wird an den verschiedenen Orten gerufen, z.B. in Köln wird "Alaaf" gerufen?Daves Tipps für den Karneval in Köln.Die 20 coolsten Karnevalswörter, die du kennen musst (siehe Liste unten)Wie man Geschichten erstellt, um neue Vokabeln in ChatGPT zu üben. (Siehe den Text unten: "Alex in Köln über Karneval")Top 20 carnival words1. Karneval:The German term for carnival, often used interchangeably with "Fasching" or "Fastnacht" depending on the region.2. Fasching: Carnival season, especially used in Souther...
Episode 7 - How to learn grammar - The Big 5 Tenses

2024-01-28 19 min

In this episode, we talk about:The importance of grammar in language. Birgit’s book “https://buchshop.bod.de/lean-on-english-grammar-big-5-birgit-kasimirski-9783756889242”, which sheds a practical light on the Big 5 tenses.Here are the BIG 5 and links to the interactive online quizzes. 1. present simple https://wordwall.net/resource/52430602 2. present continuous/progressive https://wordwall.net/resource/52431093 3. simple past https://wordwall.net/resource/52431673 4. present perfect https://wordwall.net/resource/52432027 5. simple future, aka will future: https://wordwall.net/resource/52432366When to use which tense, some tricky aspects of English grammar and how to use “signal words” to help you remember which tense to use when.Learners’ mindset on grammar, negative experiences in school and what to do.How the BIG 5 animals represent the tenses – ideal for visual learners.Other websites to do grammar quizzes. http://www.englishclub.com/ scroll along to eQuiz.Me http://www.usingenglish.com/In dieser Folge sprechen wir über:die Bedeutung der Grammatik in der Sprache.Birgits Buch "https://buchshop.bod.de/lean-on-english-grammar-big-5-birgit-kasimirski-9783756889242", das ein praktisches Licht auf die Big 5 Zeitformen wirft.Hier sind die BIG 5 und Links zu den interaktiven Online-Quiz. 1. present simple https://wordwall.net/resource/52430602 2. present continuous/progressive https://wordwall.net/resource/52431093 3. simple past https://wordwall.net/resource/52431673  4. present perfect https://wordwall.net/resource/52432027 5. simple future, auch bekannt als will future: ...
Epsisode 6 - How to find good materials

2024-01-14 20 min

In this episode, we talk aboutWhat to think about when you buy a grammar bookWhat you really need to understand vs. not the “whole English grammar”- check out Birgit’s grammar books – ideal for busy professionals. https://birgitkasimirski.de/en/publications-englische-grammatik/How you should try to find materials/media, which you like in German, books vs audiobooks, fiction books vs non-fiction, topic-based materials – choose books/magazines in English on YOUR topics - fashion, football, fantasy.Using (children’s) books /comics with lots of dialogue – for real conversational English, idioms, slang etc.Subscribing to (Business) English Spotlight/World of PressPros and cons of language learning text booksPutting together your own learning materials based on your likes/preferences/interests.Watching YouTube videosCheck out Dave’s Top 10 YouTube channels for English learners of all levels. Oxford Online English – Speak English Fluently – 5 steps to improve your English fluency https://youtu.be/KaA_mxga3PQ?si=2XJiSl1y--ut5M1W English Fluency Journey – Speak English with AI https://youtu.be/Qi5mKV40Kmw?si=_Pf6KrC9eJldQCwI 7ESL Learning English – 120 Common Phrasal Verbs frequently used in Daily English Conversations https://youtu.be/ptvxgrLnM7k?si=UnDelMNA5-zi-7sk MmmEnglish - Common English phrases to keep Your Conversation Going https://youtu.be/Wwv4IgL0aJY?si=oStRbCYPWNb_saX- Steve Kaufmann – How to Learn vocabulary without even trying https://youtu.be/WoDYUziEcIM?si=Qg2c-2-etZqQiGF8 Germany vs USA - Learning foreign languages. Check out my “Master Your English L...
New Year's Episode - Setting goals for 2024

2023-12-31 17 min

In this episode, we talk about: New Year's resolutions and the grammar of ‘goal setting’ for 2024.2023 rewind and the grammar of 'regrets’.How to create new habits by “habit stacking” based on the award-winning books ‘Power of Habit’ by Charles Duhigg and ‘Atomic Habits’ by James Clear.10 “habit stacking” ideas to kickstart your English learning in 2024. (see below)Rebecca’s 4-step process for setting goals. Rebecca – https://rebeccadeacon.com/2020/08/19/how-to-reach-your-goals-4-important-questions/Our 6-week language learning challenge. Maybe you want to join us in the challenge? Examply of Habit Stacking to create a learning regime for those busy days.1. Morning Routine:- Habit: Spend 5 minutes learning English vocabulary.- Stack with: While having breakfast or during your morning coffee.2. Commute:- Habit: Listen to English podcasts or audiobooks.- Stack with: Your daily commute, whether by car, bus, or train.3. Lunch Break:- Habit: Read a short article or a chapter in an English book.- Stack with: Your lunch break at work or school.4. Exercise:- Habit: Practice English pronunciation or dialogue.- Stack with: While jogging, walking, or at the gym.5. Daily Chores:- Habit: Label items around your home with English words.- Stack with: Doing dishes, cleaning, or organizing.6. Before Bed:- Habit: Reflect on your day in English.- Stack with: Just before bedtime.7. Social Media Time:- Habit: Follow English-speaking accounts or join language learning groups.- Stack with: Your regular social media browsing.8. Waiting Time:- Habit: Use language learning apps during short wait...
Christmas Episode - Quiz on English and German Christmas Traditions

2023-12-17 30 min

In this episode, we talk about the differences between a British & German Christmas in a quiz format. Rebecca & Dave quiz Birgit about Christmas in Britain. Can she and can you answer these questions?Which vegetables are traditionally served with the British Christmas dinner?When do British people open Christmas presents?How many reindeer does Santa have and what are their names?What happens at 3pm on Christmas day?Birgit challenges Rebecca and Dave with some really tough questions about German Christmas traditions. Rebecca and Dave did their best :-) Want to have a go at Dave's Christmas interactive quiz from last year? Just click on the link below. Good luck, enjoy and Merry Christmas! https://quizizz.com/pro/join?gc=77395234
Episode 3 - How to learn vocabulary

2023-12-05 20 min

In this episode, we talk about: · Quizlet app vs. physical vocabulary notebooks· False fluency· Interval learning· Recall vs repetition· Use your senses· Vary your learning environment· ‘Sticky Vocabulary’· Be selective· Play taboo· Be CURIOUS Christmas Special Episode coming on December 18th
Episode 2 - How to find the time to learn English

2023-11-20 17 min

In this episode we talk about: · What can you learn in 10 minutes a day?· Learning on the go with apps.· Mix it up.· Repetition, repetition, repetition.· Make it a priority.· Take a leaf out of the Scandinavian book.· Get into the flow.· It’s not all or nothing. The 3 cool statements from ths episode: “Slow progress is better than no progress”“Stay realistic, have fun and enjoy”“Language learning isn’t a sprint, it’s a marathon” Resources In this episode, we talked about Quizlet as a vocabulary-learning app. Go to www.quizlet.com to create a free account. You can create your own vocabulary lists – check out my YouTube videos (How to learn with Quizlet & How to create a new learning set from a Word or Excel list in Quizlet) – and search for topic areas in the top search bar. When you find a learning set you like, simply click on the ‘copy icon’  Next 1. Make any changes to the list  2. Change the title to your own, and  3 click on the ‘Create’ button to add it to your account.   We also discuss a couple of hacks to help you better understand YouTube videos.   1.    Click on ‘CC‘ to see the subtitles.2.    Click on the 3 dots to be able to see the transcript if one is available.3.    Click on the settings cog, then ‘playback speed’ to slow the video down. Hope these hacks help.  Until the next time. Rebecca, Birgit & Dave.  Your Three English Experts. 3 / 6 / 60  Next episode coming on Monday December 4th!
Episode 1 - Meet the Three English Experts

2023-11-01 15 min

In this epsiode we are going to talk about:Who we are and what English expertise we can shareOur own language learning journeysWhy it makes sense to learn foreign languagesEpisode 2 coming on Monday November 20th!

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