Epsisode 6 - How to find good materials

2024-01-14 20 min

Description & Show Notes

In this episode, we talk about
  • What to think about when you buy a grammar book
  • What you really need to understand vs. not the “whole English grammar”- check out Birgit’s grammar books – ideal for busy professionals. https://birgitkasimirski.de/en/publications-englische-grammatik/
  • How you should try to find materials/media, which you like in German, books vs audiobooks, fiction books vs non-fiction, topic-based materials – choose books/magazines in English on YOUR topics - fashion, football, fantasy.
  • Using (children’s) books /comics with lots of dialogue – for real conversational English, idioms, slang etc.
  • Subscribing to (Business) English Spotlight/World of Press
  • Pros and cons of language learning text books
  • Putting together your own learning materials based on your likes/preferences/interests.
  • Watching YouTube videos
Check out Dave’s Top 10 YouTube channels for English learners of all levels.

Oxford Online English – Speak English Fluently – 5 steps to improve your English fluency

English Fluency Journey – Speak English with AI

7ESL Learning English – 120 Common Phrasal Verbs frequently used in Daily English Conversations

MmmEnglish - Common English phrases to keep Your Conversation Going

Steve Kaufmann – How to Learn vocabulary without even trying

Germany vs USA - Learning foreign languages. Check out my “Master Your English Listening Course. Guided watching English YouTube Germany vs USA”.

Dragons' Den - Dating app gets Dragons hot under the collar. Check out my “Master Your Business English Listening Course. Guided watching English Youtube Dragons’ Den.”

TED Talks – Learning a language? Speak it like you’re playing a video game.

Foil, Arms and Hog. When Irish people can’t speak Irish

Thoughty 2 – How Britain’s Scariest Gang Became World Famous. Check out my “Business English Academy Membership” for this and other (business) guided English-watching content.


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