New Year's Episode - Setting goals for 2024

2023-12-31 17 min

Description & Show Notes

In this episode, we talk about:

  • New Year's resolutions and the grammar of ‘goal setting’ for 2024.
  • 2023 rewind and the grammar of 'regrets’.
  • How to create new habits by “habit stacking” based on the award-winning books ‘Power of Habit’ by Charles Duhigg and ‘Atomic Habits’ by James Clear.
  • 10 “habit stacking” ideas to kickstart your English learning in 2024. (see below)
  • Rebecca’s 4-step process for setting goals. Rebecca –
  • Our 6-week language learning challenge. Maybe you want to join us in the challenge?

Examply of Habit Stacking to create a learning regime for those busy days.
1. Morning Routine:
- Habit: Spend 5 minutes learning English vocabulary.
- Stack with: While having breakfast or during your morning coffee.
2. Commute:
- Habit: Listen to English podcasts or audiobooks.
- Stack with: Your daily commute, whether by car, bus, or train.
3. Lunch Break:
- Habit: Read a short article or a chapter in an English book.
- Stack with: Your lunch break at work or school.
4. Exercise:
- Habit: Practice English pronunciation or dialogue.
- Stack with: While jogging, walking, or at the gym.
5. Daily Chores:
- Habit: Label items around your home with English words.
- Stack with: Doing dishes, cleaning, or organizing.
6. Before Bed:
- Habit: Reflect on your day in English.
- Stack with: Just before bedtime.
7. Social Media Time:
- Habit: Follow English-speaking accounts or join language learning groups.
- Stack with: Your regular social media browsing.
8. Waiting Time:
- Habit: Use language learning apps during short waits.
- Stack with: Waiting for appointments, in lines, or during short breaks.
9. TV Time:
- Habit: Watch English TV shows or movies.
- Stack with: Your evening relaxation time.
10. Weekend Routine:
- Habit: Set aside 15-30 minutes for more in-depth language study.
- Stack with: Saturday or Sunday mornings.

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